Beware The NON REPUBLIC List - Those That Don't Support America The Way We Believe They Should!

This list will continue to grow and be refined.  This list is designed to inform you of all the Companies that stand against America, stand for Communism, Socialism or other anti-Freedom beliefs.

  1. Google - for their continual suppression of Conservative and Christian journalists
  2. Facebook - for their continual suppression of Conservative and Christian journalists

Business Hall of Bootlickers (from Reddit -

  1. Activision Blizzard: banned player for supporting HK democracy protest. Confiscated all his winnings. Fired his interviewers. Apologized to China: condemned incident, swore to defend China's national dignity
  2. Activision / Blizzard: censor words related to HK protest in WoW
  3. Activision Blizzard: cut livestream when American U team held up pro-HK sign
  4. EA DICE: censor "Tiananmen" in Battlefield V chat
  5. TikTok: censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence, Falun Gong
  6. ZLONGAME: removed guilds with any reference to HK in Second Galaxy M
  7. Apple: censor Taiwan flag emoji in iOS in HK
  8. Apple: banned HK protest map in App Store. Approved app after backlash. Banned app once again after China hissy fit
  9. Apple: banned in Chinese App Store news app that covered HK protest
  10. Apple: minimized the seriousness of iOS exploits that enabled China to track Uyghurs, when 1M+ of them are rounded up by China in concentration camps
  11. Apple: handed over iCloud data & encryption keys to China
  12. Vans: censor pro-HK democracy design in its shoe design competition
  13. NBA (partial entry): rebuked Rockets manager for his pro-HK tweet, saying NBA was "extremely disappointed with Morey's inappropriate comment." Backpedalled after backlash, now saying they support Morey's freedom of speech.
  14. Brooklyn Nets: owner decried Rockets GM's pro-HK freedom tweet
  15. Houston Rockets: censored journalist who asked question about freedom of speech after China debacle
  16. James Harden: apologized to China on behalf of his GM's pro-freedom tweet
  17. Philly Sixers: ejected fans for supporting HK
  18. Washington Wizards: confiscated "Free Hong Kong" sign
  19. Disney / ESPN: forbid mention of Chinese politics when discussing Rockets manager's HK tweet
  20. Disney / ESPN: showed map of China on SportsCenter that acknowledged CCP's claims to nearly entire South China Sea
  21. Disney / Marvel: censored Tibetan monk from "Doctor Strange" & turned him into white woman. Movie screenwriter: "if you acknowledge that Tibet is a place & that he’s Tibetan, you risk alienating one billion people who think that that’s bullshit".
  22. Disney: removed non-white characters from Chinese poster of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  23. Viacom / Paramount: censor Taiwan flag from the jacket worn by Tom Cruise in new "Top Gun" movie
  24. ASICS, Calvin Klein, Coach, Fresh, Givenchy, Pocari Sweat, Valentino, Versace, Swarovski: details here
  25. Marriott: apologized & changed "Taiwan" to "Taiwan, China" after China threw a hissy fit
  26. Marriott: fired employee who liked tweet from Tibetan group
  27. Nike: removed Houston Rockets products from China webstore
  28. Cathay Pacific: fired employees for FB posts supporting HK protests.
  29. Google: censored pro-HK game "The Revolution of Our Times" from Google Play because it was about a "sensitive event".
  30. Gap: apologized for selling T-shirts IN CANADA that didn't include Taiwan as part of China
  31. Tiffany: removed tweet showing model covering 1 eye after China accused it of supporting HK
  32. Mercedes: apologized for quoting Dalai Lama on Instagram
  33. American, Delta, United: deleted mention of Taiwan as a country from websites
  34. Audi: apologized for using "incorrect" map of China that left off Taiwan
  35. Muji: destroyed store catalogs that contain "incorrect" map of China
  36. Zara: apologized for listing Taiwan as country
  37. Medtronic: apologized for publishing "illegal content" that listed "Republic of China (Taiwan)" as country
  38. Ray-Ban: changed "Taiwan" & "Hongkong" to "China Taiwan" & "China Hongkong"
  39. Qantas, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA: changed "Taiwan" to "Taiwan China"
  40. Sheraton: banned Taiwan National Day event due to China pressure
  41. US universities: don't talk about 3 Ts: Tibet, Tiananmen, Taiwan
  42. US universities: welcome China infiltrations with open arms
  43. Leica: released ad on Tiananmen protest. Apologized & distanced itself from ad
  44. Reddit: took $150M from Tencent. Removed thread like this
  45. Rockhampton, Queensland: censored Taiwan flag in student project
  46. Cisco: helped build Great Firewall including module to persecute Falun Gong
  47. MGM: changed Red Dawn's villain from China to N Korea to placate China
  48. Global Blue: fired staff for calling Taiwan a country
  49. L'Oréal / Lancôme: canceled HK artist concert for her pro-democracy activism
  50. US universities: self-censor in fear of offending China
  51. Disney: block Winnie the Pooh website in HK